The cost of activity badges are included in the subs.

We ask for a donation of £11 when a Beaver/Cub/Scout is invested to help cover the cost of a full set of badges and a 42nd necker.

If you would like a new set of uniform badges because your scout is changing their uniform and you don’t want to transfer them, then they can be bought for £6



If you log into OSM it can show you where the different activity badges, challenge badges and staged badges go on your uniform. have downloadable PDFs which show were all the badges go.

Beaver Badges

Cubs Badges

Scout Badges

The district badge is the black rectangular badge that says Bolton on it.

The county badge is the blue and yellow badge that says Greater Manchester North on it.

The group name tape is the tape that says 42nd Bolton on it.

The district name tape that says Bolton Moorland goes above the 42nd Bolton tape.

The rectangular Moorland District badge goes under the district and county badges where the group badge goes.

The you shape award is worn over the top of the moving on award in the place for the occasional badge.